Welcome to the 2015 International CIC IPN page

A virtual space to show the evidence of the academic relationship between the community of the Centro de Investigación en Computación del IPN (The Research Computing Center (CIC IPN) and leaders at research centres abroad.

It aims to give visibility to the information of various activities performed at the CIC IPN as a part of the postgraduate internationalization process.

The principal activities are:

.- Research Visits of graduate students in the Leaders Research Centres abroad.

.- Researchers from overseas institutions involved in teaching and research being conducted by the .

.- Activities and conferences in the framework of the International Seminar held at the CIC IPN (videoconferences, workshops, participation in academic events, etc.)

The commitment to a dynamic process of internationalization is one of the vectors of the recent administration that drives the Computing Research Center.

The CIC IPN via this page shows signs of an international activity being promoted as part of its strategy of creating a leadership training Ecosystem for the ICT sector.

This action allows the development and consolidation of existing cooperation with various institutions. We want to initiate and develop innovative initiatives of cooperation through research stays with the leading universities around the world.

You will find on these pages an example of an the active participation of a significant number of events related to several scientific and technological programs in the area ICT.

Many of these activities are mainly developed within university networks to which it belongs IPN and through several bilateral cooperation agreements with foreign universities.

CIC IPN cooperation with other universities is also evident in the training of researchers under the scheme of joint degrees, including the award of joint degrees in the dual degree.


Ph. D.  Luis Alfonso Villa Vargas

January 7th, 2015

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